Instant Swedish Arabic voice translator for voice translation


Instant Swedish Arabic voice translator for voice translation without the need to write and translate voices directly

You can easily start a voice conversation and speak with anyone – useful and practical – this application contains more than 100 different languages ​​that you can translate from or to according to your desire, and you can download them to your phone and later you can do the translation process for these languages ​​without the need for the Internet, It is a very cool feature that greatly facilitates the translation process.

So, in your use of the voice translator application, you will not need a dictionary for each language in order to be able to translate a specific phrase or word that you do not understand its meaning, but the application gives you the ability to translate in a few seconds and get a mobile translator without the need to write, but to translate the sounds directly, the application provides you with a service Professional translation, either audio or written, as he can be your own translator


It is the fastest and best application in its field, its most important features translate spoken speech directly with the possibility of chatting and the application translates to the speakers and with the ability to share the translated speech via social networks or e-mail and with the support of more than 100 languages, including Arabic, and it will help you break language barriers, and you can now communicate with people and people Many even if you do not find their language,

Building the linguistic outcome, as this strategy works to enrich the student’s store of vocabulary and meanings in each session, by extracting vocabulary from the presented texts, or by referring to new vocabulary that attracts the student’s attention, and this strategy is very important in learning the Swedish language. Speaking of the Swedish language, and this listening is shared between the learner and the teacher, so that the teacher mentions some Swedish words to the learner.

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