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Swedish language learners look for all means to enable them to easily learn the Swedish language for any purpose, whether it is for tourism, work, or immigration to Sweden.

As the journey of learning any language is divided into the listening and speaking part and the writing part, and language learning applications have multiplied due to the high demand for them because whatever your major you must have more than one language and this will greatly benefit you in getting a job with a higher salary, and today we will talk about the listening and speaking part. In this article, we highlight the Swedish language learning radio application for Android phones and learn about its advantages and disadvantages through our website.

The Swedish language learning radio application is one of the important applications in learning the Swedish language. Of course, learning which language comes from listening. If you practice listening well, you will find that your pronunciation improves greatly, and the Swedish language education depends on this application by speaking the native speakers of the language on the image. Dialogue between a person and another person, and this may make you master the language as you mastered your mother tongue (Arabic) in your childhood, and this is what makes the application distinct and unique, but if you are very new to the language, I do not advise you to download it, at least you must have studied some important basics in the language .


It is worth noting that this application is developed by Application 100, which developed many applications with the same idea for several other languages ​​such as English, French, Turkish and Swedish, and the application in the Google Play Store received a rating of 3.9 by application users, in addition to more than 50 thousand operations Install, now let’s talk about the various features of the application.

You can download the application here


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