The application of learning the Italian language with sound


The application of learning the Italian language with sound is the best way to facilitate learning and without the Internet. This application also contains simple and new easy ways to facilitate communication in addition to pronouncing words. It is also intended for young and old.
Learning Italian until mastery is a program that gives you the ability to learn Italian without a teacher with ease. The application is divided into a group of stages that start with you from the basics to mastery.

Italian language learning application:

Learn the Italian language through Italian conversations translated into Arabic and supported by pronunciation, tests and keywords. These conversations start from scratch because they cover all aspects of life with a focus on what people use of important Italian words during their daily life.

Learning the Italian language is not difficult if the method used in teaching is correct. Of course, the matter requires the learner to make an effort, even a simple one, in order to learn the correct sentences and phrases circulating among the local people.

Memorizing Italian phrases helps you to speak fluently and without stuttering and gives you greater confidence while speaking. Memorizing Italian phrases will not make you think what you will say in a situation and how to arrange the sentence. Rather, the Italian sentence comes as it is preserved from your subconscious mind directly to your tongue. Memorizing Italian phrases avoids the trouble of translating from Arabic to Italian

To say what you want to memorize Italian phrases comes from listening and repeating listening, and this means that your hearing will be strong because she is accustomed to this type of pronunciation, and it will also be easy for you to understand what is said to you by someone who speaks Italian as a mother language.

Learn Italian easily:

The whole new step by step. It came to solve all these problems and inquiries. Learning the Italian language is suitable for all age groups. If you are a student coming to pass the Italian language tests at school or university, or you are on the verge of passing the work acceptance tests, or you want to master the Italian language because you are about to travel outside the country to continue your university studies.

The application contains the Italian language lessons, or you are one of those who just decided to learn the Italian language just and do not know where to start or find it difficult to learn the rules of the Italian language or does not have the money to access the private Italian language lessons in order to learn it, but in some cases it does not come with the desired result And you just be a waste of time and money! You are welcome with us.

In the application of learning the Italian language step by step we will help you and take your hand step by step and teach you the Italian language with the latest strategies to learn the Italian language easily and professionally in the shortest possible period. The application of learning the Italian language without the Internet in image and sound takes your hand according to the rules of the Italian language and the lessons of the Italian language are very simplified and with a very accurate explanation to acquire the rules of the Italian language.


Application Sections:

The basics:

It contains a large group of introductory lessons and a wide range of terms and meanings with a method of pronouncing each word in an easy and enjoyable manner. Grammar.

The Basic:

This level takes you to learning Basics of Creating Italian Sentences. Advanced Grammar: It includes many advanced topics that enable you to practice Italian at a high level


It includes a group of interesting Italian stories with its translation so that you can get accustomed to reading Italian pieces as an application of the previous stages.


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