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Introduction to writing learning Swedish

The Swedish language learning book for beginners pdf is one of the best books to teach this language, and this is what the book contains of the lessons that begin to teach you letters, numbers, names, and then verbs in order to make you master the Swedish language and be able to understand it and speak it with others who speak it.

Swedish is the official language in the country as it is spoken by the majority of the population. Also, there are five other national languages ​​especially for minorities: Finnish, Yiddish, Miangili, Roma and Sami. In 2009, Parliament passed a language law that recognizes Swedish as its main and common language in society, as well as being the official language in “international contexts”, the five national minority languages, and the Swedish sign language.

The importance of the Swedish language book

The book contains the best lessons that provide you with most of the basic Swedish vocabulary in Arabic. It will delight you in learning, speaking fluently and knowing most of the short sentences in Swedish in real world situations in no time.

If you are thinking of traveling to Sweden or you want to continue studying there, or you want to get acquainted with people from there and talk to them in their Swedish language, all you have to do is download a book to learn the Swedish language pdf, which I will put you a download link below the video, this book is one of the best educational books The Swedish language pdf, which you can view only through your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Characteristics of the Swedish language book

The book Learn Swedish in Arabic pdf has many advantages, which we summarize as follows:


_Easy access to the book: being a game about a pdf file, which makes it easier to view it through your phone or computer only.

_The size of the book for learning Swedish is very small: it is easy for you to download the book on your phone and not take it to a large space, and also easy to share with your friends on WhatsApp.

_The book in Arabic: This makes learning. Swedish in Arabic very enjoyable and easy, as you will be able to learn letters and numbers in the black language, and you will learn most of the Swedish vocabulary and words in Arabic, and this is what makes learning this language very easy a bit.

_The book includes various basic lessons in the Swedish language, such as learning the Swedish alphabet, numbers, names, and verbs, then animals … and other important lessons.

Download the book.


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