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Swedish-Arabic translator with accurate meanings and from the most accurate dictionaries that support the Arabic language. This dictionary is a Swedish Arabic translator that not only gives many meanings, but also adds the meaning of the verb or word to other syllables, and this is This is what distinguishes it from other dictionaries A simple and easy-to-use Swedish Arabic translator and gives you the meanings of words and translation and finding the synonym for each word in Swedish from spelling words, learning the correct pronunciation of the word and its pronunciation, derivation of the word’s origins and distinguishing it between rare and abandoned words and between eloquent and intruder, knowing the synonyms of the word, its opposite, and a way to pronounce words according to the dialect in the regions Different

Learn Swedish

You have to understand at the beginning of learning the Swedish language, the great emphasis is placed on memorizing and pronouncing the words correctly, do not engage in writing anything else, and do not think of other methods that may complicate learning for you. All that is required of you to do is to memorize the vocabulary and the linguistic paragraphs present in those lessons are And without obtaining the sale, the sentence or the public relations vocabulary in the sentence or the times or other matters because all your concern, we may deal with it in detail in the lessons and advanced stages
At this time you will be ready for levels beyond beginner level Then you will be prepared for Swedish grammar lessons, terms, synonyms and other lessons, and in short, memorize the vocabulary and sentences as they are their meanings and learn to pronounce them correctly by listening, the skills of pronouncing the words correctly.

Some instructions and tips

Try to listen carefully to programs or movies that speak Swedish slowly and focus on the words
Try to pronounce the words without referring to the translation unless the word becomes difficult for you.
Memorize and learn Swedish letters and grammar, and try to learn the basics of Swedish, such as pronouns.
Memorize the words and meanings of these words. Using a dictionary may help.
Take a bunch of words every day and try to pronounce them correctly and repeat them and repeat them with your family to establish well in your mind.

Application features

*Swedish Arabic translator includes about fifty thousand words, translated into Arabic.


*It works without the need for internet.

*Simple and easy to use

*Translate (give meanings) words from Arabic into Swedish

To download the translator


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