The 4 most important tips for learning German


This question is often mentioned by students and those who want to learn the German language, some may see that learning the German language is difficult, others see it almost impossible, and of course there are people who find it very easy. So learning the German language is related to the people themselves and their ability to learn a new language, especially German. But there are some things and steps to know in order for learning German to be very easy. So what are these steps and how do they affect learning quickly and effectively. I will mention it to you in detail.

1: The first step to learning German

Listen to conversations and discussions that take place between people in German even if you do not understand a single letter of what is being said. The purpose here is to accustom the learner’s ear to hearing this type of sound – vocabulary pronouncement.

2: The second step to learning German

Do not translate what you have to say from Arabic into German. Instead, memorize the phrases as they are and use them to express what you have to say and repeat as often as possible. This process facilitates your command of the German language and prevents you from faltering while speaking German.


3: The third step to learning German

Set yourself a schedule in which you can memorize five vocabulary words per day. Reading and Writing, this will generate a wide range of vocabulary for you after a short period of time. The more vocabulary you have, the more powerful you will be in the German language.

4: The fourth step to learning German

Learning German is not just about learning vocabulary, but there are other things that need to be taken care of a lot. The first and foremost of these things is German terminology. There are many terms that have a meaning entirely different from the vocabulary itself if they come separately, so I recommend that you learn the terms as soon as possible.


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