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Watching movies aims to have fun .. Can we really benefit while enjoying the story of the movie ?? Have you tried a lot of training courses and read many books to learn your preferred language and did not get satisfactory results? The solution is simple .. the most fun way to learn the language .. Just watch and enjoy the movies. We often hear about learning languages ​​only through movies, and we may encounter many people who possess a strong language and a huge amount of vocabulary. When asked, their answer is .. Watching movies !! Let’s go into details and find out how to learn languages ​​this way. We will take the Dutch language as an example in this article, but these examples all apply to learning different languages.

How to learn the Dutch language through films

Choose the movies you like

This may be self-evident, but it is very important, as your choice of a boring movie or not among your favorite films will make you feel bored and you will not be able to focus for more than an hour and a half continuously!

Select the film that best suits your Dutch language level

For example, if you are a beginner, I advise you to go to animation films because they are usually simple and easy to understand. If you watch a “Romeo and Juliet” movie, you will encounter a difficult language and it will be difficult to understand it in a language that is considered advanced even for Dutch speakers.


Watch your favorite movies without subtitles

That might be a real challenge, but do it really, activate the Arabic subtitles the first time you watch the movie and re-watch it without it the following times. That would be incredibly fun and useful.

Beware of changing the film’s audio language to Arabic, that is, avoid dubbing

It is very bad while learning the language, listen carefully to the native speakers of the language you are learning and you will automatically find yourself improving your listening skill.

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