How to memorize a large number of Swedish words and phrases in an easy way


Memorizing Swedish words

Most Swedish language learners struggle to understand grammar and form correct sentences, have problems memorizing vocabulary or expressions, and have difficulty remembering them as well, and it is stimulating to know that Swedish speakers also find it difficult to remember the spelling of some words. Because there is often no direct link between spelling and pronunciation in the Swedish language, and the secret behind remembering new words and spellings is to develop a good memory, and to follow a correct method of memorizing meanings, and the following paragraphs talk about the most prominent ways that help memorize Swedish words easily and easily

Effective ways to memorize Swedish words

Learning a new language and mastering it may seem an impossible task, especially when there is a difference between the spoken and audible levels such as the Swedish language, and that learning words is an essential task for language mastery. Therefore, it is inevitable to learn it, but the method of learning it must be effective and comfortable for the learner in order for it to be beneficial.


Reading is an essential activity, and it is the best way to learn a rich vocabulary, and the Swedish language learner can read whatever he wants, from literature books to comics and scientific articles, and he can also read children’s books, and the reading options are endless, so every learner is supposed to go To read a topic he loves, reading is an easy, fun and comfortable way to increase language skills, in addition to it teaching other things.

Understanding the context:

There is no point in learning new words if it is not known how and when they are used correctly, and this means that the method of learning individual words is useless, and this is another reason why reading is important. Because it sets a context for each word, and this will help to understand the meaning and use of the word, and the context also helps to understand when a word is used, is it formal or colloquial, and if it is a slang word, can it be used with friends, neighbors or colleagues, and is it used in the written Swedish language Um in conversations.

Similar words:

When learning a word, no matter how simple and easy, it is not necessary to stop at this point, but the learner must know its derivations, and the expressions that are used in it, from the dictionary or from the Internet, and this helps to memorize more words in a short time.


Formation of sentences:

Forming sentences helps to use all that the student has learned. If the student memorizes new words, then the best way to help the brain to remember them in the future is to use them, for example ten sentences can be formed that carry different meanings for one word and its derivations, and at different times, and this method is effective because it helps the mind to participate actively in learning, and does not leave it dependent on Just indoctrination. Recording the sound: by hearing the sound when studying new words, the mind interacts faster with memorization, and it becomes easier to remember these words when needed.

Using educational cards:

Learning cards are a popular way to learn new words, and these cards can be used in places that the learner sees a lot, such as the mirror, the table, or the walls, and what makes these cards more effective is to draw a small expressive picture of the meaning of the word on the card, and this will make it much easier For remembering, or you can use a flashcard application.


One of the best ways to memorize Swedish words is easily to speak with friends in the Swedish language, and to get the most out of these conversations, it is better that the topic of each session is different every time, and in this way different vocabulary will be used, and preparing for it takes an hour Or two hours at a time.


There is nothing wrong with a number of mistakes each time, and there is no need for the learner to become hard on himself if he does not complete the Swedish word memorization schedule completely, but rather he must be proud of himself every time he learns a new word. Learning Swedish is a huge achievement.


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