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The Swedish language is a group of words, and a small set of rules that control the combination of those words next to each other to form useful sentences.
And the rest of the Swedish language learning skills are only to help you use those words and the rule to communicate with the people around you and express yourself and in order to receive knowledge through the language bridge (reading and listening skills as well as writing and speaking).
At the initial levels of the Swedish language learning journey, it is recommended that you memorize some common phrases completely, but at the same time not neglecting to memorize words across different contexts, and with time the interest in vocabulary becomes greater, but this does not prevent you memorizing some common phrases that cannot be understood When translated literally, it must be understood completely as it is.
Think for a while. If you are in Sweden and only have words, you may not be able to form one correct sentence and then go shopping, will you be able to manage yourself? Will you get what you want in the end? What if you were just a grammar expert with no words, and then out on the market, what would it be like? and what’s the difference.
Certainly he who has words will be able to communicate what his head is to others, in the end they will understand what he wants, he will not speak in complete sentences, but with separate words that express what is in his head, he will say (bread) and say (price) and other words, he will return home loaded with things ,
Today we present to you the most important application of the 5000 most important words in the Swedish language and we advise you to use this application to learn how to pronounce words When you only memorize sentences, your language will be poor, not based on a strong base, you will not have a solid foundation on which to build, you may know the meaning of a phrase, but when its shape changes slightly, the situation will change for you, you will not have knowledge of the original meaning of each word separately, so It will be difficult for you to form new sentences when speaking and writing, you will not feel that you are free, but rather a prisoner in a small prison that is limited by the number of phrases saved in your mind.
As for when you have a large stock of Swedish words and vocabulary, then you will be free and free, able to form an unlimited number of new phrases, and to use these words in your life when listening, speaking and communicating with others.


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